uTorrent di Windows 7

Just share my uTorrent Setting on Windows 7,,,

9-6-2010 5-06-50 AM

9-6-2010 5-07-01 AM

9-6-2010 5-07-14 AM

Global upload rate limiting formula is = Max Upload speed x 80%. Check your Max upload speed at speedtest.com for calculation.

If you have 1Mbps connection double Global Max Number of connection amount, do the same with Max Nymber of Connected Peers per Torrentand Number of Upload Slots.

9-6-2010 5-07-20 AM

9-6-2010 5-07-31 AM

9-6-2010 5-07-40 AM

Advenced setting on uTorrent,,, Sign by Star is modified option,,,

9-6-2010 5-08-18 AM

9-6-2010 5-08-29 AM

9-6-2010 5-08-38 AM

9-6-2010 5-08-52 AM

And below is my P2P download working on Windows 7 with setup describe above,,,9-6-2010 5-16-40 AM

Using EVDO connection with 512kbps down bandwidth, for me, it’s a good P2P connection,,

Good luck,



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